GES Center Lectures, NC State University
Genetic Engineering and Society Center | Integrating scientific knowledge & diverse public values in shaping the futures of biotechnology.
#10 – Riley Taitingfong – An oceanic approach to gene drive governance
#9 – Andrew Ofstehage – Soy in the Brazilian Cerrado: A tale of two farming cultures
#8 – Carolina Torres—Battling Invasive Aliens: SynBio and Island Conservation
#7 – Jennifer Kuzma - Are we ready for engineered microbiomes in built environments?
#6 – Xaq Frohlich—Labeling Food Risk and Lifestyle Politics: A Critical History
#5 – Amarish Yadav—CRISPR/Cas-9-Based Gene Drive To Suppress Agricultural Pests
#4 – Brian Donovan – Are high schools teaching an essentialist construal of gender?
#3 – Daniel Uribe—BioNFTs for Ethical AI Models in Life Sciences
#2 – Amanda Pierce—Exploring Policy and Regulation of Emerging Biotechnologies For Use In Controlling Pest Populations
#1 – Ross Basset—Moore’s Law, Genetic Engineering and Historical Analogies